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Thanks to digital health, healthcare is becoming more tailored to the individual needs of citizens, enabling faster diagnosis, prevention, proper treatment, monitoring, and management of their own health and lifestyle.

According to UE, “Digital health and care refers to tools and services that use information and communication technologies (ICTs) to improve prevention, diagnosis, treatment, monitoring, and management of health-related issues and to monitor and manage lifestyle habits that impact health. Digital health and care is innovative and can improve access to care and the quality of that care, as well as to increase the overall efficiency of the health sector.

As we always look for the opportunity to combine our company’s growth with social responsibility, we were excited to participate in the mobile app development project. On the one hand, we had a cause, on the other we were able to use our full potential to manage develop and launch from scratch this brand-new digital health tool. If you are interested in what was the whole process, I invite you to read the rest of this article.

What Was The Scope Of The e-Health Mobile App Project?

The client wanted to build a comprehensive health mobile application aimed at people for whom taking care of their health is a priority. The primary concept that the client came to us with was to enable users to manage their health easier, with constant access to their health files and previous examinations. Something like a private medical database combined with a virtual health certificate. 

From that starting point, we launched a series of consultations with the client to work out a satisfying solution. And the outcome was quite a thing.

In the end, we planned to build a complex cross-platform application powered by a precise algorithm created in cooperation with medical staff.

The project involved the ability to save photos with medical information on encrypted cloud hosting after each visit. What’s even more relevant, the app should be able to suggest medical check-ups and examinations based on sex, age, and past medical history. Another solution included in the project description was that we should enable users to log in using Facebook and Google, as the application is written for both platforms, to increase efficiency and adoption.
The client was non-technical, so our side was to propose appropriate technical solutions and UX design.

It is important to mention here that we signed an NDA with the client before the details of the project were known. We always ensure that our partners feel safe and confident that their interests are being taken care of.

What Frontend And Backend Solutions Did We Propose To The Client?

The app was written in the cross-platform framework React Native. Why do we suggest this solution to our vendor? First and foremost, the client had a specified budget, so we had to figure out a functional and cost-effective solution to meet project objectives. React Native seemed to be perfect for the role, as it uses a single codebase for developing Android and iOS.

What else appealed about React Native was that it uses JavaScript – which is relatively easy to read and debug. And that is another thing about React Native that allowed us to save time and money for our vendor.

Finally, React Native supports third-party plug-ins, which translates into more efficient work for developers by speeding up the development process.

What Was The Impact Of The Mobile Health App On The Client And Society?

The original brief was met according to the client’s requirements. During the development process, we implemented several features included in the brief created during the discovery phase. As a result, the product was ready for release on the Polish market. Which is exactly what happened. As a result, access to medical services in Poland has become even easier.

How Does The Application Work?

In the initial phase, the user fills in a questionnaire about age, gender, and basic information about past illnesses. On this basis, the algorithm suggests a calendar of periodic examinations. In the app, users also have the possibility to make notes about the course of the medical visit and upload images, such as test results or referrals for examinations. In this way, all examinations are stored in the cloud. Each action, like uploading new information about past examinations’ algorithms, creates a more precise picture of the user’s health and suggests more.

Another interesting solution is the possibility of connecting the account of another family member, such as a child or senior citizen. Given the fact that we are living in an aging society and that caring for the elderly will be an increasing challenge for society as a whole, the facilitation of mobile apps is likely to gain popularity among adults and institutions providing care for seniors. 

Push notifications with tips on taking care of your health are also interesting features of the app. If the user allows it, push notifications will appear on the phone screen not only with health tips but as well information about missed or approaching medical checkups or doctor appointments. 

It is worth mentioning that the app can integrate with medical providers, allowing the customer to monetize the service.


It is worth admitting that working on the health app brought us many challenges and followed by solutions. From now perspective, working in the SCRUM methodology enabled us to easily implement new features and test solutions. As a result, the development team was able to catch errors at the early stage.

Sprints also proved to be helpful because the project grew by several useful features during development. Adding new features and turning them into existing code was definitely easier, than working with short-term goals.

Choosing to React Native as a framework was a good decision from both business and development perspectives.

From the vendor’s perspective, we completed the initial project on time and within budget. The client received a completed user-friendly and user-oriented app with the perspective of further development and integration with several medical facilities.

We can proudly say that the project was successful from a project management, development, and business perspective. 

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