In-house software development.

Do you want to outsource the management of your project? Our qualified analysts and managers can handle all the aspects of creating your solution.

We will prepare a complete software solution based on your specifications. We will cover the planning, do the analysis, prepare the specifications, and manage the developers' work for you. We use an Agile methodology to make the development process transparent, trackable, and adaptable to change.
Our approach applies to both small- and large-scale projects. We can proceed on a time & material agreement with hourly rates or on a fixed price agreement for the whole project.

Delivery process:

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You have specifications or even just an idea of how your product should look.
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We assign a consultant who reviews the requirements with you and validates the assumptions. At this step, we could opt for:
Proof of Concept
Innovation research
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We prepare a plan of work with clear milestones.
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The team of developers creates your project, delivering it incrementally.
We hand you the solution with training on how to use and maintain it.
We provide complete documentation with the solution. Using a modern tech stack, a clear structure, and well-written code allows for extensions in the future.

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